Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kale and blue cheese rolled flank steak. YUM!

You gotta make this!
It's sooooo good!

We went to our awesome local butcher and asked him to butterfly and pound the crap out of the flank steak...much easier than doing it at home!

Everything was done quickly and done to taste!

  • Mix together kale, blue cheese, minced garlic, worcetershire sauce, salt and pepper.
  • Lay out the flank steak in front of you with the grain of the meat running from left to right.
  • Spread it all over the steak leaving a 1 inch boarder around the edge.
  • Roll the steak up away from you (be careful not to squeeze out the filling)! 
  • Tie it up with kitchen twine and bake at 350 degrees until the meat reaches 145 degrees.
  • Let the meat rest before cutting and enjoy!
  • Make sandwiches the next night with your leftovers...soooo good!

Please sir, I want some more...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween in Alaska?

We had an odd Halloween last year.
We were on the road with Fiddler and spent mid October in Alaska and Halloween in Canada!
Take a look.
"It's a me...Mario!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zombie Prom (Judy) Garland!

Our favorite most dramatic Halloween decoration is our Zombie Prom Garland!
Right around the corner from our apartment is this cute little fabric store.  
We found some different textured black and gray fabric for only a dollar a yard!
We cut the fabric into many uneven pieces and tied them around a long rope...ripping and shredding it to make it look as shaggy and decrepit as we could!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spooktacular BOOkshelf Makeover!

Meatloaf takes a while to cook.
It didn't take much time to give our bookshelf a quick fun Halloween makeover.
We threw the meatloaf in the oven and got to work!

To make the bookshelf more Halloweenie, we replaced our pictures with construction paper and Halloween cards.

It's super easy and can be used for any season!

Aren't these awesome?!

Meatloaf's ready! Yummmm!!!