Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pop Planter.

We're always looking for ways to upcycle around the apartment.
This seltzer bottle turned planter is easy and eco friendly!

We squeezed different color acrylic paint inside an empty seltzer bottle. 
To help the paint dry quickly, we cut the top of the bottle off.  
Once the paint dried we cut the bottle down to the size we wanted and added some drain holes using a nail. 
We had some spots on the bottle that paint didn't cover, so we filled them in with a paint brush!

We got our green thumbs on and planed our new succulent! 

I've given you grow lights and mineral supplements, what do you want from me, blood?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Espresso Estamp-o.

Coffee is definitely a daily ritual in our apartment.
We make all different types of coffee; Cuban espresso, drip for a percolator, cold brewed...
This easy espresso maker print is a perfect addition to our coffee lovers kitchen. 

To make the print you need to make a stamp!  We made one out of a leftover piece of styrofoam. This is a total elementary school craft, but the end product looks far from juvenile. 

Step 1-Draw or print out an image you'd like to use for your stamp.
Step 2-With a pencil trace through the image onto a piece of styrofoam. 

Step 3- Cut out the image with a blade. 
Step 4- Glue the styrofoam on a piece of cardboard to make it a sturdy stamp!

Step 5-Paint the stamp, press down firmly and repeat! 

Anyone want a cafĂ© con leche?