Thursday, August 4, 2016

Espresso Estamp-o.

Coffee is definitely a daily ritual in our apartment.
We make all different types of coffee; Cuban espresso, drip for a percolator, cold brewed...
This easy espresso maker print is a perfect addition to our coffee lovers kitchen. 

To make the print you need to make a stamp!  We made one out of a leftover piece of styrofoam. This is a total elementary school craft, but the end product looks far from juvenile. 

Step 1-Draw or print out an image you'd like to use for your stamp.
Step 2-With a pencil trace through the image onto a piece of styrofoam. 

Step 3- Cut out the image with a blade. 
Step 4- Glue the styrofoam on a piece of cardboard to make it a sturdy stamp!

Step 5-Paint the stamp, press down firmly and repeat! 

Anyone want a cafĂ© con leche? 


  1. At first I thought you bought that print!

  2. Coffee lover here too! Making this!

  3. Genius! Not only do I love that you made the stamp to match your moka pot , but you made it from styrofoam! Awesome and featuring tonight.

  4. Yay! Thanks so much Carol!!! We appreciate it!!!