Thursday, September 26, 2013

These are my friends.

We're so excited to take out our Halloween decorations!

We have so many knick knacks from when we were's like seeing old friends.

Although challenging, we're trying to rearrange things differently than we did year.
Do you always put up your decorations in the same spot or move them around year to year?

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!


  1. What an awesome collection! I like to change up my decor each year. May be the same stuff, just placed differently :-)

  2. oh man, so fun! love all your halloween decor, it's such a great mix.
    so i'm not sure how i stumbled over here to you guys but i have been reading your posts and just love all your crafty genius!
    i'm your newest follower and would love to follow via bloglovin' as well. are you set up there? let me know, i'd love to get your posts through there if possible.
    come by and visit me when ya get the chance!
    have a great monday!