Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jot it down!

Doesn't it feel like back to school time even if you're not a student anymore?!
Get into the school spirit with these "Camooposition" covered No. 2's!

Camooposition definition: Composition print that looks like camouflage as well as cow.

Photocopy the back of a composition notebook. 
Cut paper into strips about two inches wide.

Mod Podge to your pencil and tightly wrap the strip.
Coat your wrapped pencil to prevent the ink from smudging.

I love you from the bottom of my pencil case.


  1. I would totally try this if I didn't already have boxes and boxes & boxes of pencils (they multiply I think when you're a teacher). Adorable idea!

  2. I love the camooflage, hee hee couldn't help myself. They really look great, very cool idea!

  3. Too Cute!!!! I pinned this for sure!! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!


  4. Great idea! Your pencils are being featured in a back to school roundup at The Pin Junkie today at

  5. this is absolutely too cute thanks for sharing ahve a great week