Friday, January 22, 2016

A New York State Of Love.

Are you ready for the first snow storm NYC?
Imagine if it was snowing sprinkles?

Snow globes aren't just for Christmas's more wintrier now than it was in December!
Bring on the love!

Check out our other snow globes we've made in the past for more snowy inspirations!
NYC Snow Globes!
#TBT Snow Globes!

See you at the top of the Empire State Building with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! 


  1. So cute! (and I love Sleepless in Seattle!)

    Thank you for sharing at the Really Crafty link party! Pinned!

  2. Love this! Where did you find the mini Empire State Building?

    1. Thanks Victoria! We got it right in Times Square at a souvenir store!

  3. This is awesome. I am featuring when my link party opens up tonight.

  4. So pretty, love snow globes and always drawn to them in shops. I have a Tailor of Gloucester one bought for me by my Mum years ago.

  5. That's so pretty (sorry, were you going for pretty?)
    We've had pretty much grey skies and damp dullness here in the middle of the UK so far this year, a little proper wintriness would be kind of nice - for a very short time of course!

  6. This is fantastic! What a great display for a city that you love! Thanks for sharing at the Valentine's Day Link Up!