Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear Santa, We've been uncommonly good!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...and the most stressful!  It feels like just yesterday we were struggling to find Christmas gifts for our family and friends.  The struggle is real.

It's hard to find something that you hope someone will actually want. This year we smartened up and are doing our Christmas shopping on!  

Uncommon goods sells unique on-trend products, but they're more than just a site with great stuff! They tell the story behind each of the products and the artists who make them! You can read up and get to know the artists, where the products were made and see what else the artists have come up with.  
As makers ourselves, that's something we can appreciate!  
You're not just buying a product with Uncommon Goods, you're buying one of a kind artistry and helping those artists make a living!

Here are some of our top favorites that we will be gifting and are hoping might be gifts for ourselves...Mom are you reading this?? Hint! Hint! Hint! 

Isn't this handmade unicorn mug made by JoAnn just the cutest thing?? Two please!! 

And this owl is so cute! With or without glasses.

We love all these hosting gifts!  
They are perfect for gifting....or just to keep ourselves. :)

Finally a classy way to eat pistachios. 

Bloody Mary glasses with the recipe on the glasses! These will come in handy after a few rounds.

Porter IPA beer jelly sounds aaaamazing. Our mouths are watering. Must have beer jelly!

You can find more gifts for men, here.

You will be sucked into an Uncommon Goods rabbit hole, in the best way possible. With hundreds of awesome products and their back stories, it's hard not to spend hours browsing. However, their site layout makes online shopping even easier by thoughtfully categorizing all of their products. So stay on track and tackle that Christmas list! 

Happy holiday shopping!

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