Sunday, December 27, 2015

Let's Sparkle this New Year!

The holiday's are about family, friends, great food and of course tradition!
For us, New Year's would not be complete without fondu and watching the Times Square ball drop!

This year, we are ready to watch the ball drop with these Times Square ball stirrers!

All it took was small styrofoam balls, glue, big glitter, "Happy New Year" confetti, skewers...and drinks!

Many drinks! 

The best part about making these was when our 4 year old nephew told Uncle Andrew, that he had sparkles on his balls!

5, 4, sesame.
Happy New Year!!!! 


  1. The only thing I know about the New year ball drop thing is from watching the new year episode of Friends (the one with the dance routine). In the UK we sing Auld Lang Syne even though most people only have a wild, slightly drunk stab at the lyrics, and watch fireworks either out the window if our neighbours have splashed out, or on the telly if they haven't!
    There is most often quite a lot of drinking involved in the evening too so sparkly ball stirrers would not look out of place, I do love a good disco ball!

  2. These are perfect for NYE! Love. Wishing you guys a Happy New Year and featuring when my party opens up tonight.