Thursday, November 7, 2013

NY Autumn love!

Fall is beautiful in New York...that is if you're fortunate enough to live by some trees, we have some gorgeous foliage by our apartment in Queens!

Our nephew lives in LA and we wanted to send him some NY Autumn love!
We preserved our leaves the "old fashioned" way with wax paper and an iron.

After we picked some leaves, we flattened them under a stack of books over night.
In the morning, we sandwiched the leaves between two pieces of wax paper (waxy sides together).  Then ironed on low heat until both layers of wax paper melted together around the leaf.  We carefully cut around the leaves making sure the wax pieces still stayed together! 

The wax paper didn't fully melt on all the leaves, we don't know if that's because we have a crappy iron, the stems on the leaves were too thick or there was too much moisture in the leaves...but we're overall happy with the outcome and think our nephew is gonna love them!

We ended liking them so much, that we decided to keep some for ourselves!

We also preserved a handful of leaves by microwaving them...yes microwaving them! 
We laid out a handful of leaves between two pieces of paper towels.  They didn't need long in the microwave, maybe about 30 seconds...but we had to keep a close eye on them, because the leaves can catch fire! 
The leaves should slightly dry out but they shouldn't over cook to a crisp. 

Try to remember the kind of September...


  1. I have NEVER heard of microwaving leaves! Gonna have to try it! Thanks for the tip! I'll let you know if I set my microwave on fire...

  2. I love this! My son is going to love it too! Thanks for sharing at the Friday Follow Along. Make sure to stop back by because this is featured!