Saturday, May 23, 2015

Everyone Poops.

Light a match!

We decorated match boxes for those "ooops-poops" moments.

We made the emoji poop stamp out of an eraser!

...added googly eyes! 

Keeping it poop at a time.


  1. I love these! So gonna do it! 💩

  2. Ah ha ha ha know you need the book to go with these, it's called of course "Everyone Poops"!

  3. You guys should sell these!

  4. This is brilliant! You could trademark and sell this.

  5. I've been wondering for a while now when I'm going to be able to use that emoji, still haven't found the right time, but a box of matches is even better and the googly eyes are a really classy touch. I'm feeling this would be great at a baby shower maybe......(with a scented candle gift to go with it?)