Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wrapped Yarn Vase.

This started out as a Mother's Day gift idea with both our Moms in mind, they both are incredible with yarn.  Well, the finished product turned out to be a little less "them" and a little more "us".  
Maybe it was the yarn we chose? Either way, we love the outcome.  
Happy Mother's day, Moms!  We got you cards! 

It seems pretty self explanatory, wrap yarn around vase.'s a little trickier than that. 

Initially, you have to tape as you go around the vase.  The vase does not hold the yarn in place without the help of tape.  It was a bit of a struggle sometimes, but it came together!...with a little patience.  (we got our vase from CB2)

Wrap and tape. Wrap and tape. 
Once the vase is covered then keep on wrapping without tape.  The yarn will start to hold in place and you can start shaping by wrapping more yarn.  At the mouth of the vase we ended up hot gluing the yarn in place because it kept unraveling.  Tuck in the yarn end and enjoy! 

And cats love it too!