Friday, May 29, 2015

Mosaic my pot.

Does anyone else have a hard time committing?  
We found this great Snake Plant, it's low maintenance and a great size...we just can't commit to a pot for it.  
Planting and potting in an apartment is messy. 
So once this baby is repotted, it's staying there! 

We were told that our plant would do just fine in the plastic pot it came we're holding off on the perfect pot and making good use of what we have! 

The plastic pot is wrapped with a piece of cardstock cut down to size...truth is the back half of the pot isn't wrapped...but no one ever sees the  

We made a simple gray geometric triangle pattern with random pops of blue.

Can ya dig it?!


  1. this is so smart. i just keep mine in the pot, and put the whole darn thing into a basket for some texture.